Monday, November 29, 2010

Master of Spin?

In relation to my last post, “Interviewing for Democracy”, a good friend sent me a link to a BBC article titled “Ahmadinejad, Master of Spin”. This article indicates that my displeasure with the major interviews of the Iranian officials is shared on a broader scale.

The author, Jon Leyne, thinks that the interviewers should prepare better. That certainly would help, but I believe focus on the democratic issues; freedom of thought, expression and press is critical. Hammering this issue in any interview of the Iranian officials will put a stop to their “masterful” spins and will frame all the other topics of concern, such as nuclear proliferation and human rights, in a proper context. Tonight Charlie Rose will be interviewing Mr. Javad Larijani, is it going to be any different?

So far, Mr. Larijani’s tone is more conciliatory than the bellicose Mr. Ahmadinejad. This is a welcome sign and should be noted. At the same time it is needed to point out that without substantial changes in Iran with regard to the democratic rights, any concessions by the Islamic regime at the international level will prove to have little substance.

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