Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perspective … 1

I have not blogged for some time.  My mind has been busy in how I should prepare and present the ideas that I have developed during the last several years.  My first impulse was to hide in a corner and compose those ideas into a book.  I began to take a stab at it.  It did not take long to come to my senses.  In today’s world the solitary path of book writing as a form of dissemination of ideas is unnecessarily long and arduous.  I think I need to try to articulate my ideas through the Internet.  To begin with I will use my blog with a series of short articles.  I will post more often than before and I appreciate your feedbacks.

We are living in an interesting time.  We know we are facing deep political, social and economic problems.  At the same time there does not seem to be an overall understanding of these problems.  The left desperately tries to hang on to the old ideas mostly originated in Marx’s thoughts.  Only thing coming out of them is “didn’t we say so; capitalism has crisis and some day the workers will wake up and things will get fixed”.  At the other end, defenders of capitalism with a very narrow perspective are trying to find some cures for the ills that have afflicted their societies.  In the middle, the undeveloped world is muddling in its backwardness.  At the end of the day our crisis is the lack of perspective.

To explain the perspective that I have developed we need to take a look at our past experiences and have a measure of them.  Experience with communism, experience of the undeveloped world in coping with a fast changing developed world and the experience of the developed world in maintaining itself and leading at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Siamak , hope to read your book asap.
yours, nazi