Monday, October 10, 2011

Perspective … 6

Underdeveloped Experience … II

The undeveloped peoples have had to digest two major trends coming at them from the advanced societies. One was the capitalist penetration of their societies and the second the ideological resistance to it, “socialism” and later as “communism”.

While both of these trends had their roots in the advanced societies of the West, the second one, “socialism”, was the easiest to digest. It blended well with their natural resistance. The fiercest nationalist movements of the undeveloped peoples blended socialist slogans into their fabric of resistance, as part of their “glorious” culture. To them, their culture was a magic from their past. And it was a magic since they could not even recollect them without the penetration of science and culture from the West.

The length of claim to the past was the measure of “glorious” cultural magic; Persians (part of Iran) have some 2500 years claim; Egyptians, Iraqis, Indians and Chinese even longer, by a few millennia. This in turn created a new wave in the developed societies to find the magic of these undeveloped civilizations. They found some twigs, which was marketed with fanfare as cultural trunks. But with time it showed itself no more than cultural twigs and with the decline of the vehemence of socialism the magic is wearing out.

Iranian revolution and the Arab Spring is showing that not only there are no magic, that there are no cultural values that they could use as instruments for progress, on the contrary they only have a big baggage from the past, weighing heavy on them that they need to learn to unload.

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