Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was part of the Iranian Trotskyists and read the works which are related to my past looking for some  illumination.  Kamran Nayeri's attempt which I referred to it at the end of my last post did not shed any light.  It is wrapped inside of his criticism of Barry Sheppard's book that I have referred to in the previous post.   So if you want to find it you have to dig deep down in part 2 of his article.  There you will find Nayeri's version of the history of the Trotskyism in Iran.

Nayeri's endeavor at best seems to be mainly addressed to the good sense of those ex members of the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) who still mourn their expulsion.  What one learns is that from Nayeri's point of view there were several factions among the Iranian Trotskyists.  The good one he was a part of and the bad one was really a cult ruled by Babak Zahraie.  The other factions were sort of tolerable.  The whole diatribe seems to be about his complain that why Sheppard has praised Babak Zahraie in a sentence of his two volume work.  One thing I learned which was illuminating is that expulsions in political parties can be truly traumatic and enduring on some people.  I hope that Nayeri's article was at least therapeutic for him.

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