Friday, October 26, 2012

Honk for Jesus or Vote Socialist

Have you ever passed by a church that says "honk for Jesus" on their bill board? If one is a hardcore believer in Jesus he might get tempted to honk his horn, but at the same time he probably refrains from it because he notices that the sign belongs to a competing church and that is not really his Jesus. He would save his honk for his own Jesus when he attends his church. I have good friends who are strong believers in Jesus and some of them are casting their vote for Romney because they mistakenly believe that Romney will at least implement their anti abortion, anti gay and other so called socially conservative agendas. Implementation of those conservative social agendas is pretty hard and gets harder by every new generation. It is very hard to turn back the clock of history.

At one time communists recruiting point was to find converts who would reach their conclusion that any important social progress is impossible under capitalism. Propaganda was that Civil Rights, women's rights, having a black president, could not happen unless socialism happened. Whenever they joined these social movements communists talked socialism or at least proved to people that they had a sectarian agenda when they participated in those movements. They would say if you want these rights "Vote Socialists"! Blacks, women and gays did not listen, they organized for progress and voted for candidates who they thought would lighten their burden and it worked. Today these rights more or less are laws of the land without socialism.

But when you ask communists about their past prognosis their socialist veins stick out of their necks proclaiming that these rights are under attack by the conservatives and the right wings in this country. Watch out they could be taken back at any moment! It is true that right wings in this country would love to go back to the 1940s and I believe that whenever they pose this question we should counter their attempt, but can anyone in his/her right mind think that it is for a moment possible to put women back in the kitchen and gays back in the closet. It is not possible! Women have been educated by millions and are the majority in our colleges and the universities. The new generation of the youth has pretty much resolved the question of race and gays in their culture and the remainder of the legislative aspects of these rights will be decided by them and I do not believe it will take too long. Women because they are more educated than the past generations are less likely to have unwanted pregnancy and as such they are not as concerned about abortion as in the past. So the right wing only can nibble on the margins of the society on these social issues.

Some remnants of the past, racism, sexism and gender discrimination that still persist are matters of education and time for them to be wiped off our human memory. I believe we are well on our way without socialism or communism. Massive demonstrations of the past for these rights have given way to parliamentary contests and education to strengthen them. The right wing nibbles on the margin on one side and the communists and sectarian left nibble on the margin from the other.

Sectarian left says because all the issues have not been resolved to our satisfaction, now it is time to "Vote Socialist". And since they cannot stand on their past prognosis and the sectarian roles they played in each progressive movement their justification is their theoretical mantra: "Elections pose the question of which class shall rule"! Therefore "abstain from casting a ballot for the Democrats or Republicans, and to instead cast a protest vote for socialism." (see Socialist Action statement)

This "Vote Socialist" on the billboard of sectarian left cathedral might warm the soul of a die-hard but he probably will reserve his protest ballot for when he gets to his own socialist shelter. This will certainly reiterate the question of "which class shall rule" in the only possible place, in each and every socialist chapel. There are not too many of them and attendance is sparse but mantra is repeated and souls are comforted. There are more churches praising Jesus, but attendance there has been dropping too. Is it only me that sees strong resemblance between "Jesus rule" and "Class rule"?

For the problems in this country Democrats and Republicans do not have an answer and I know hyperventilating with the old mantras of the left and the right only wears ones intelligence out. The problems are complex and solutions will be complex. I think democratic victory in the election leaves more breathing room and I suggest that is very useful for thinking and organizing.

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