Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bomb Iran or ...

Instead, flood the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) with professional women from the West. Aeronautic technology has an alternative use other than producing bombers.
When the airlines of the Western countries land in Iran, usually they carry some passengers as ambassadors, consulate officers, attaches, trade representatives and these days nuclear compliance inspectors. These individuals also have their assistants in different capacities. Considering the number of the democratic western countries with diplomatic and other representations in Iran, this is a sizable group.

I think that the democratic countries should adopt a policy that the majority of this population assigned to work in Iran, as the representatives of their respective countries, will be women. Emphasis should be on the top ranks, ambassadors for example, they all should be women. Women who will be dressed professionally in their western cloths. During their tenure, living in Iran, these women will perform their duties, dine in the Iranian restaurants and use other services in Iran while dressed as western women without any head covers or hijab.

This will be an offensive but of a different kind than bombing Iran. This would be more destructive of the Islamic alliances in Iran than any unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Military bombing of Iran, if it ever comes to action, with its non-discriminatory nature will have unforeseen consequences. Such an action at least in the short term will consolidate the hold of the right wing and the extremists, the "anti-imperialists", on power. It will create an atmosphere of "national" emergency that will confuse and silence the opposition and the democratic forces in Iran.

This political offensive is not a substitute for the ongoing 5+1 negotiations around the nuclear ambitions of the IRI but it will reinforce the necessity of the contextual changes in Iran. A political offensive focused on the issue of women rights in Iran is a strategy that will cut through the politics of the IRI and will be clarifying to the democratic forces and above all it will be supportive of the women's movement in Iran. On the issue of women's right and their freedom, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is in clear violation of the charters of the United Nation and any civilized norm. This violation is more glaring and evident than the IRI's violation of the nuclear protocols. This political offensive could be very well understood by the Iranians and people of the world over.

Any rejection of this offensive, or negative response by the Islamic Republic, which means rejection of the women representative of the democratic countries from the Iranian soil, will only disrupt the channels of communication and trade that the IRI is striving to upgrade. This will be tantamount to a self inflicted sanction by IRI. Any harm caused by this self inflicted sanction could be very well understood and explained both internally to the Iranian population and at the international level. This self inflicted sanction will be politically to the detriment of the leaders of the IRI.

With its utmost IRI wants to avoid the question of the freedom of women and their rights and this question is pivotal for political change in Iran. If this offensive is adopted they will be forced to respond and let's hope that their response is positive and matches their recent charms. More than likely it is the solvent against the glue of the Islamic politics.

If you agree with me let's share this idea as broadly as possible and help to promote it at all levels of the government in the U.S and among the European community. Try to reach the Iranian women activists, they are the most important and if this idea appeals to them, they will lead in its promotion.

In the context of the Iranian politics this could be a bigger and more effective bomb than any military could devise.

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