Saturday, December 07, 2013

Marx's Sage -- Book

Marx created and used quite a few smart phrases in his debates with his opponents.
Many of them have found their own space in literature and are quoted by friends and foes through the past decades. It seems that he forgot to apply his sage to his own theory. Marx’s famous phrase, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce” should have some relevance to his theory of communism.

The early communism of Marx, according to his story, was certainly a tragedy. The primitive humans were not particularly aware of the harshness of their existence, but Marx by projection concludes that life in the early communism was difficult. It seems certainly tragic that the very “human” relationships of the early communism could not endure and with their original deed that chapter of early communism was closed. If that is true, and one cannot fail to see this prognosis throughout Marx’s writings, then the second coming of the communism must be a farce!

Marx did not get a chance to observe the application of his own axiom, but it has been proven by the experience of communism, albeit in a twisted way. It was proven in a twisted way because there was no early or primitive communism to be resurrected at a higher level of productivity as Marx dreamt of. From today’s moral standpoint the primitive tribal societies are some of the most repressive social relationships imaginable. The attempt to recreate those relationships in a much more complex society such as Russia and Germany magnifies and brings forward the repressive content of those so called “egalitarian” societies. From the standpoint of social organization primitive societies only represent the next level up from a herd. Can anyone miss noticing the herd behavior in the recent funeral ceremonies of the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, Kim Jong-il?

The primitive society lives by its myths and each member implicitly is compelled to obey by its rules. The modern version of it, communism, also has to live by its myth and has to explicitly force its members into compliance.
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