Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I voted for Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council to replace Richard Conlin.  Sawant is a confessed socialist with red hot slogans. People who are familiar with me and my blog, they know that I am writing against the communist and socialist ideas. During the past presidential election I criticized the people who were gearing up to vote socialist instead of voting for president Obama. See my blog "Honk for Jesus or Vote Socialist".

While I do not like most of Sawant's ideas, particularly when she dives into her socialist diatribes, I did see myself voting for her. My reasons are simple. I am not ideological. I would not vote for Sawant as the president of the United States, or mayor of Seattle or any post that she would be the sole decision maker. Her political positions are too crazy to see her in those roles. As a member of the Seattle City Council, she is boxed in by eight other members. She can wave her red banner for so long. I am thinking her arm will tire out and she has to find a working relation with other council members or she would have a hard time to hang on to that seat.

And the seat, that was the reason I voted for her. She is young and energetic and I hope that she would learn better when faced with the responsibilities of being a part of a legislative body. The person who was in that seat, Richard Conlin, had occupied that seat since 1997. That is a quite a long time for a city council member. I believe in recycling and Sawant was a good candidate to unglue that seat.

Sawant won by a rather small margin of about 1.6%. All indications are that a considerable number of the votes against Conlin were due to his length of stay as a council member. The seat is unglued and I hope Sawant will be an effective council member.  Congratulations to councilwoman Kshama Sawant!

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