Monday, March 30, 2015

Masih Alinejad -- A Voice Much Louder Than Mine

I have had a few posts promoting how the Western influential women could help the Iranian women movement in their plight for equal rights, particularly the right to determine their appearance. Their right to not wear head cover, hijab, on a daily basis is being trampled on by the religious oligarchy called Islamic Republic in Iran.  Ms. Alinejad, an Iranian journalist, recently made a call on Julie Bishop not to wear hijab when visiting Iran.  It is such a pleasure to see she is taking up this call. Alinejad's voice has more weight and reach than my little known blog. Maybe this idea will get some traction at last

I have been promoting this idea of Ms. Alinejad on a broader basis.  Please see these two previous posts and an earlier one

We need to turn this call into a broad political campaign or even lobby the centers of power in the Western democracies.