Friday, April 03, 2015

Nuclear Negotiations & the Islamic Republic

The pivot of yesterday's announcement at the conclusion of this round of negotiations in Geneva is that the negotiations will continue into the summer with the expectations of a final agreement in June or July. I am not certain of the deadline but at this stage it matters little.  Was this an important milestone in President Obama's project? I believe so.

His detailed description of the agreement framework, outlined in his speech, actually binds the U.S. negotiators and his administration.  This is a good thing.  Now he has to explain to the U.S. lawmakers and the public in general the practicality of the broad restrictions that he spoke of and the way it is supposed to restrict the ambitions in Iran.

President's openness is very positive and will cut through all types of innuendos and second guessings that have been circulating in the media.  At the same time this will create a big challenge for the Islamic Republic in Iran. Handling of such a discussion that they need to have is a tall order for that Islamic state.  How they face this challenge in the next few days and weeks probably will tell us more of the direction of things to come.  How and if Iran is going to prepare itself to face the more fundamental problems that is pressing on them, the issues of democracy and women's rights.

So far Javad Zarif's reaction to the presidents openness was not positive.  He was dismayed of the President Obama's speech. Was he selling different goods back home than what he was negotiating? His challenge seems to be of a much taller order.

We can only be patient observing the unfolding events. In the meantime President Obama does not seem to be short selling the security of the Western democracies.  On the contrary he has been quite prudent in these negotiations.  Something that I was doubtful until now.

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