Saturday, November 21, 2015

NYTimes Story

"ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape" is the story of three Syrian women. It is an interesting read.

These three women marry the Jihadists of non-Syrian origin and join ISIS operations. The story goes through their daily life and how they tried to create normalcy and eventually escaped to Turkey. Some condemn these women complicity with the Islamists and that is too easy to do. But the over arching fact is that women in the Islamic territories are under extreme pressures and the western societies outlook and policies fundamentally ignore this fact. Take our war on terrorism. That is the defining axis of our fight with the Islamists. But terrorism is a form of warfare and it is part of any war. We cling to this sound bite. It is easier to attract voters through fear of terrorism than a sound policy.
The truth of the conflict is that the Islamists are using terror because they are weak. Their fundamental difference with us, underlying this weakness, is the women issues. Their banner in their struggle with the West is their belief that women should be suppressed. This belief is cloaked in words like modesty and religion. Enforcement of veil and curtailment of women's daily movements is the first thing they implement when they establish their order. This is true about ISIS or Islamic Republic in Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood. Mohamed Morsi began the discussion of its implementations after his victory in the elections in Egypt, exactly the same route that Khomeini took after the 1979 takeover of Iran.

The opposite of the banner of the Islamists should be our banner. Our banner should say "The Fight to End Women's Suppression". We should be fighting to end the suppression of women in the Islamic states territories, whether ISIS or Islamic Republic in Iran. Instead of calling them terrorists 24/7 more often we should call them women haters and anti-women bigots. We should say it consistently and announce it clearly, that is what we are fighting against and their terror will not intimidate us. Just imagine if the women in Syria could hear this message everyday from our internet media, short wave radio and satellite broadcasts. That would be a far cry from the message of anti-terror that they are receiving today and cannot relate to. The anti-terror slogan is designed only to frighten us.

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