Sunday, December 13, 2015

Open Carry

I took our dog, Olive, out for a walk and began to jog around the park near our home. As I turned on the street adjacent to the park in the distance about 300 feet away I noticed three young men in dark clothes walking on the same side of street toward me. Their formation and manner of walk looked strange, then I noticed that it looks that they are carrying some guns. There were no other people in their vicinity which made it a bit suspicious to me. Case of San Bernardino came to my mind. There is a school at the end of the park in the direction I was jogging and next to it is a Jewish temple. But, they were walking away from both and today is Sunday, no school. They were not in a hurry, lumbering from side to side walking. Getting a few yards closer, yes they were carrying assault rifles on their shoulders with big magazines in them. They did not look Islamist to me. No resemblance whatsoever.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Iranian Panic

With the heightening fear of terrorist attack by the Islamists, leaders of the Western societies see the need to respond and they are responding. The first line of response generally begins with the security measures. Apparently one of the proposed security measures would put certain travel restrictions on the Iranian born citizens of the U.S. and Europe. What these restrictions exactly are, whether it will come to take effect I do not know and the severity of it is of little importance to me. Why? First of all with the existence of the serious threats that the Islamists are posing, as a responsible citizen I cannot begin from my convenience. At this point I need to mention as disclosure for those who are unfamiliar with me that I was born in Iran. Naturally any security restrictions targeting that group will affect me also. My second point is longer and you have to read the rest of this post to find out.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Donald Trump's Strategy

I found this link shared by my nephew on FaceBook. It is a very clear headed assessment of what Donald Trump strategy is. Read it. The most important part of it is the first part. When he dives into Fascism and his tolerance of the limitations of civic rights then it is just playing game theory with politics, not that interesting to me.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Parallels (I)

The problems and the dangers of the Islamists, Muslims who promote the most egregious form of social behavior – killing of the infidel, killing of the one who has "left" Islam, killing of the blasphemer, forced covering of women, sanctity of women's rape in marriage, blaming and punishing women who are raped outside of the marriage, "honor" killing of women, silencing of anyone who criticizes "Islam" and, and … – too many for one to enumerate. Overwhelming majority of the Muslims of the world believe in one or more of these tenets of their "Islam". In my book, belief or practice of any of those tenets is adequate to put the person beyond the bounds of the civil world. Islam is what the Muslims are and that is the Islam today. We know we have a serious problem and many in the media are on a campaign of diluting or hiding this plain truth. They try to distort this problem by fabrication, showmanship, or drawing false parallels. Telling us constantly, look at the other parallel problem, that one is more important.