Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Parallels (I)

The problems and the dangers of the Islamists, Muslims who promote the most egregious form of social behavior – killing of the infidel, killing of the one who has "left" Islam, killing of the blasphemer, forced covering of women, sanctity of women's rape in marriage, blaming and punishing women who are raped outside of the marriage, "honor" killing of women, silencing of anyone who criticizes "Islam" and, and … – too many for one to enumerate. Overwhelming majority of the Muslims of the world believe in one or more of these tenets of their "Islam". In my book, belief or practice of any of those tenets is adequate to put the person beyond the bounds of the civil world. Islam is what the Muslims are and that is the Islam today. We know we have a serious problem and many in the media are on a campaign of diluting or hiding this plain truth. They try to distort this problem by fabrication, showmanship, or drawing false parallels. Telling us constantly, look at the other parallel problem, that one is more important.

One of these attempts is by Nicholas Kristof, syndicated columnist, "Hysteria about refugees, but blindness on guns". Disclosure: Nicholas Kristof is a very nice sounding fellow. From time to time I read his columns which I find mostly filled with fake arguments. I read them as part of the job of staying informed about what the leftist columnists are talking about. I generally ignore his. I am taking up his piece because of a discussion I had on FaceBook and it is also relevant to a couple of posts that I have been preparing.

Kristof begins, "For three weeks American politicians have been fulminating about the peril posed by Syrian refugees, even though in the last dozen years no refugee in America has killed a single person in a terror attack." This is not quite true, take a look at the San Bernardino terrorists. Tashfeen Malik the partner in that mayhem is a very recent émigré. Of course this piece of data would not be valid if one could distinguish between Muslim émigré and the Muslim refugees. Mr. Kristof must make a distinction and to him the refugees come from a different stock of Muslims! The friendly ones! And he does think so, because most of his column is about his conversations with a few refugees on the European borders. And to him they all were squeaky clean! But every time I look at the pictures of all the women among those refugees with all their hair tightly wrapped in cloth, I just wonder about them. I wonder about them and more about all those men who accompany those women who like to have their women nicely wrapped up. I have yet to see a woman in those refugee pictures with their hair hanging out.

Now let's look at the other terrorist partner in the San Bernardino mayhem, Syed Rizwan Farook. He is the second generation Islamic émigré. The reports tend to tell us that he was radicalized in the U.S. from a well adjusted family. Father, pursued engineering and worked hard. But this is what he says about his son's radicalization to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, he soothed his son when his son ranted about Israel, "I told him he had to stay calm and be patient, because in two years Israel will not exist anymore. Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China and America don’t want Jews there anymore. They are going to bring the Jews back to Ukraine." The difference between father and son seems to be over the timing, the son was in a hurry! I wonder what other parts of the tenets of Islam that I have pointed, in the first paragraph, the father adheres to.

So far I guess we have to thank Mr. Kristof for his assurances. He continues, "In the same three weeks as this hysteria about refugees, guns have claimed 2,000 lives in America. The terror attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., and at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs were the most dramatic, but there’s an unrelenting average of 92 gun deaths every day in America, including suicides, murders and accidents.
So if politicians want to tackle a threat, how about developing a serious policy to reduce gun deaths
— yes, including counterterrorism measures, but not simply making scapegoats of the world’s most vulnerable people."

First of all these refugees are not the most vulnerable. The most vulnerable are back in Syria or tents in the neighboring countries. These refugees on the borders of Europe are the more well off if not the most well off Syrians who can afford the trip to Europe and prefer Germany for its wealth. If Mr. Kristof is concerned with the "most vulnerable" maybe he should propose the U.S. first Fleet to be dispatched to the coast of Syria to pick up the "most vulnerable". You see that would be ridiculous, so Mr. Kristof is content with his exaggeration.

We know we have serious problem with the Islamists and they are not a few, they are in millions with an active portion who has been implementing Islamism with impunity. Syrian refugees are Muslims with all its shadings including many among them with strong trait of this Islamism. We also know we have serious problems with Moslem émigré. But Mr. Kristof keeps up with his job of undermining the seriousness of the issue. He lumps the San Bernardino terror attack with the 2,000 gun related lives lost. He double lumps San Bernardino terror attack with the gun attack in Colorado Springs by calling both of them as terror attacks. It seems that any gun related death in America is a terror attack according to Mr. Kristof definition. To him, if my neighbor goes off his rocker and shoots up the neighborhood, my neighbor is a "terrorist" the same as an Islamist terrorist! Good try Mr. Kristof!

Terror is a form of warfare, the Islamists of this world have chosen to engage us in a military conflict. Their pre planned shooting of the civilians is to create terror among us to fear about where the next attack is coming, to make us unsure of ourselves. We will lose if we do not defend ourselves and it would be at our peril if we undermine the seriousness of this issue on its own. The attack by the lone crazy individual in Colorado Springs, as heinous as it was, is not a terror attack. We are not in military conflict with the opponents of the Planned Parenthood and hordes of anti Planned Parenthood are not lurking in the corners to shoot us up. Lumping terrorism with acts of crazies can only mean to take the edge off the seriousness of the terrorism that we need to deal with. This lumping together is at least disingenuous if not foolish.

If my estimate of Islamism outlined in the first paragraph is correct, which it is, there are enough Islamists among the Syrian refugees to make us concerned. Mr. Kristof says, do not worry about the refugees I have talked to them, they are like other folks, but instead develop "a serious policy to reduce gun deaths" and "yes, including counterterrorism measures" in that policy. I have news for Mr. Kristof! This country, the U.S., has been spending billions of dollars, in the order of trillions of dollars, on counterterrorism to ward against terrorist attacks like San Bernardino and 9/11. The taxpayers in this country are footing that bill because of the Islamists. If the anti-terrorist policies were not in place the Islamists would have wreaked havoc in this country and other Western countries. Just imagine, Mr. Kristof is promising us counterterrorism measure as part of a "serious policy to reduce gun deaths". I guess each profession needs its idiots why not the columnists!

We know we have a gun problem in this country and we need to address it and it is not easy. Gun culture has to do with the way the U.S. came to existence, its frontiers need for guns and its proliferation since. How we are going to move in a more positive direction on developing gun policies is pretty much anybody's guess. The problem is deep rooted and complex. At the same time we know that any gun policy will not deter the Islamists from obtaining guns. This has been demonstrated in France which has pretty restrict gun policy. The Islamists gunned down Paris theatre despite that policy. Our societal gun culture problem has little to nothing to do with Islamic terror and the military conflict that we are engaged in with them.

Are the politicians behaving hysterical about the Syrian refugees and are some proposing ridiculous proposals? Yes, they behave hysteric and yes some proposals are ridiculous. But this is the time of elections and generally politicians get hysterical about anything. That is not an excuse for Mr. Kristof to pile on nonsense as a column.

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