Monday, April 11, 2016

Women in Iran

Masih Alinejad often talks about her experiences growing up in Iran. On what it is being a woman in Iran. Her experiences is becoming more typical if it is not already typical. She talks about simple truths and that is powerful. Iranian regime is mortally afraid of these simple truths.

One only hopes that the Western leaders at some point would find the political courage to talk about this powerful political force in Iran, the Iranian women's drive for freedom, and act accordingly. If one tenth of the effort spent on nuclear deal and its implementation was spent on what Alinejad is talking about we would be probably closer to a safer Middle East. All indications are that the amount of efforts on women's rights in Iran should have been ten times more than what they have spent on nuclear deal. If one tenth of the coverage that was given to the "election" in Iran was given to the coverage of courageous women in Iran we probably would have been closer to a democratic Iran. All indications are that this coverage should have been ten times more because democracy in Iran is spearheaded by the women of that country. It is not spearheaded by Mr. Rouhani who when was asked about hijab and its compulsory rules, his response was "We have other more important problems". My quote of Rouhani probably is not exact but it is close enough. The problem is that the Western leaders in their shortsightedness always think that they have a more important problem that they have to deal with also. The Western leaders stand with Rouhani more often than with the true fighters for women's rights and democracy in Iran and that needs to change.

This is a good coverage which should reverberate louder. Read this article and share it.

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