Friday, June 03, 2016

Trump, Clinton & Sanders

The silhouettes of the three candidates could point one to certain political possibilities. Are these names, Trump, Clinton and Sanders the outlines of a three party system? A right wing party searching for strong man politics, a center party trying to reconcile multitudes of interests by developing policies that has an eye to the future, and a left wing party raising socialist slogans for bringing down the rich. Are we witnessing a process of split in the well entrenched Democratic and Republican parties?

The energized left is hoping and trying to push Sanders to steer his popular movement toward an "independent" political organization with "revolutionary" aspirations. If Trump would not have secured the Republican nomination he would have come under similar pressures to take an independent path. It might look tantalizing if today's politics would end up by a three way split, a left, center and right wing party. A multiparty system like the other developed Western countries where most of the time center party holds the power. But the idea of such an outcome is only amusing and does not have much basis in the reality of the American politics.

One simple reason is that both Democratic and Republican parties are too defuse and informal in their organization and membership. There is a free movement between the two parties particularly during the election time. What seems as Trump and Sanders movements are the result of their campaigns inside the two parties. They would not have much following if they campaigned independently and their organization would fizzle out if they try to run as an independent party now. Their "independent" organization would soon spiral down with organizational bickering. In the long run any independent party either would collapse into a sectarian fringe organization or gradually will be dissolved by its members moving back into either of the two parties. I tend to think that this is the nature of the American politics and any reforms that is thrown up by the "independent" forces and is feasible eventually would be carried out by one or both of the two traditional parties. The process is interesting and rattles minds in search of solutions. The type of solutions which at the moment does not fill or pour out of these three silhouettes.

Probably this Tuesday the contest between Sanders and Clinton will get sorted out and it is not out of bound to expect that Sanders will ride into the sunset. The contest between Clinton and Trump is unlikely to stir up quest for solutions and it would be about who is the best candidate to manage the government amid the rising expectations.

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Pooya Taherkhani said...

I think Trump does not have the minimum requirements to take the responsibility of managing the government because he is a showman, not a politician who has the capability of organizing, planning, and decision making for a country. He can get votes just because there are many people who think a "mundane" showman -- whom seem to be a "good" one to them -- can make a good politician or a good president as well.

I think those who support him, especially his low-income and uneducated followers, will repent their vote after they see his poor performance as president. As a rookie in politics, he will have a poor performance in many aspects.