Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kurds and John McCain

I could not believe that I would come to agree with John McCain and I agree with his position on Kurds as outlined in his op-ed in the NY Times.

If he was going to run as Republican for president I would have voted against him. I believe that no Republican is fit to be a president in today's world because of their position on women's right to abortion. I believe the crisis of Republicans has its root in this question – right of women to control their own body. My opposition to Trump began from this premise and I did not need to look at anything else to qualify him. He stated that he is opposed to a woman's right to have an abortion if she chooses so. He probably does not believe in that position but it does not matter one has to reject Trump, whether he is sane or insane, based on that single issue. I have explained this in more detail in my post of January 28, 2016.

In an indirect way McCain is taking the side of women in the Middle East without talking about it in his opinion column. The democracy in the Middle East is defined by the attitude toward the question of women's freedom. In the Middle East it is not the election that defines democracy. If the measure was election then Iran would win the championship but it is not. Islamic Republic of Iran is the worst offender of the democratic rights in the Middle East. Kurds are the most advanced in this regard not that they have an ideal election process or rotation of power but because women are broadly present in their security forces and they feel the most free in the entire Middle East. McCain does not speak about this question but his position on Kurds would have the effect of supporting women in the Middle East.

The strategic alliance of the U.S. in the Middle East has so far been with Israel, the only democratic state in the region. This alliance needs to be augmented with the creation of an independent state of Kurds simply because of the women question being pivotal in the region. Kurds with all the imperfections in their national aspirations and state structures are the most democratic after Israel. I hope John McCain would come to realize this angle of the question as well as helping to integrate it into a more comprehensive U.S. policy for the Middle East.

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